The History Of Ganong

Established in 1873, Ganong has the distinction of being Canada’s original and longest standing family-owned and operated chocolate company, manufacturing all its products in St. Stephen, New Brunswick. Discover our Sweet Canadian Heritage.


On June 5th 1873, two brothers James and Gilbert (G.W) Ganong founded Ganong Bros., Limited in St. Stephen New Brunswick.


Ganong candy maker Frank Sparhawk invented the Ganong original Chicken Bones, spicy cinnamon flavoured candy filled with bitter-sweet chocolate.


Ganong was the first to imprint their hand-dipped chocolates on the bottom by use of embossed celluloid pads, patented by Gilbert Ganong. Each pad is covered with the stamp: ‘GB Ganong’s’


Gilbert Ganong purchased the first Lozenge machine from Europe. Chris Laubman was Ganong’s original lozenge candy-maker.

1895 Lollipop

Ganong was the first in Canada to make lollipops and suckers using a butcher’s wooden skewers


Ganong first released boxed chocolates with a figure of a comely young woman: the Evangeline.

1917 Delecto

Gilbert Ganong in collaboration with nephew Arthur Ganong decided to package their finest chocolates under a new name: Delecto, a slightly cosmopolitan twist on the word ‘Delectable’. Delecto, Ganong’s best known boxed chocolates was, born during the First World War.

1917 Arthur Ganong

In 1917, Arthur Ganong became President of Ganong Bros., Limited. Arthur was President for 40 years and was famous for eating 2-3 pounds of chocolate every day.

1920 Delecto

The Finest Delecto solid milk chocolates box, circa 1920’s


Invented by Ganong maker Ed Bosein in 1920, the Pal-o-Mine is one of the oldest continuously produced candy bar in North America. Two pieces of rich fudge centres enrobed with premium dark chocolate and bits of peanuts. The name Pal-o-Mine evokes a sense of loyalty, of a man's best friend faithfulness, the kind that passes from one generation to the next.


Ganong introduced the first heart-shaped boxes to Canada in the 1930’s.

1935 Ganong goes for the gold

One day a courtly Englishman named Vivien Mansell stopped by the Ganong Chocolate Factory. Mansell owned a printing plant in London that produced decorative scenes. He told Ganong’s that his plant printed a special gold colour that would not tarnish with age.

1941 Introduction of the coach

Mansell’s second visit presented Ganong with a gold print featuring a gold coach and horses. This became the iconic symbol on Delecto boxes and lasted for more than 50 years.

1957 Whidden Ganong

Whidden Ganong, 3rd generation family member to become President of Ganong Bros., Limited

1970 The 70's...

Ganong broke tradition from the horse and coach in favour of a more contemporary design of the era for its Delecto brand.

1975 Delecto

Delecto with horse & coach is re-born

1977 David Ganong

David Ganong, nephew of R.W. Ganong, becomes 4th generation

1980 The 80's....

Delecto launched a series of different box sizes filled with a mixture of premium milk and dark enrobed chocolates.

1983 Whidden’s famous Christmas commercial

‘They may cost a little more, but they’re worth it!’ That unforgettable commercial of Whidden Ganong describing Delecto boxed chocolates during his T.V. debut.

1984 Chocolate Fest

Ganong and the community of St. Stephen launched Chocolate Fest, a unique festival held annually the first week of August in St. Stephen, New Brunswick.

1990 New Factory Opens

Ganong moved into its new factory located on One Chocolate Drive, St. Stephen New Brunswick.

1997 Sunkist in Canada

Ganong becomes the official Canadian Licensee of Sunkist brand.

1999 Chocolate Museum

The Chocolate Museum opens its doors for all to explore the wonders of Chocolate and history of Ganong.

2003 Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation

Ganong becomes a proud partner with Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation (CBCF) for the Gift for the Cure Campaign. The recognizable pink ribbon was printed on every Delecto boxed chocolates to help raise funds in support of the cause.

2006 Ganong Re-Brand

Ganong introduced a new Delecto package and transformed with a new branded logo and piece illustrations. The Assorted Nuts and Caramels and the Truffle Assortment boxes are introduced to the Delecto family.

2011 New Delecto

New face of Delecto brand. Focus more on our Canadian Heritage incorporating a Maple Leaf. Significance of the Chocolate Swirl to represent the ‘G’ motif in the Ganong logo.


Canada’s Premier Chocolatier, Since 1873


In Celebration of the 140th anniversary, Ganong launches new heritage designs of the Delecto boxed chocolates and re-introduced traditional favourites: Maraschino Cherries and Peppermint Creams.


Ganong Fruitfull jellies are now made with natural fruit flavours and colours: Blueberry, Peach, Orange, Raspberry, Lemon and Strawberry.

2014 Heritage Tins

Christmas 2014, Ganong launches its first series of limited edition Delecto commemorative tins.

2014 Bryana Ganong, President & CEO

Bryana Ganong, daughter of David Ganong and 5th generation family member becomes President & CEO.

2016 Chocolatier Premium

Ganong introduces the Chocolatier Premium Assortment. Inspired by the Ganong Chocolatier's artisan collection, each piece has been carefully crafted from premium quality ingredients. This unique selection includes the finest milk, dark and white chocolates, including crunchy nut pieces!

2018 Safe Quality Foods Level III Certification

Ganong achieves the Globally recognized Safe Quality Foods Level III Certification (SQF Level III) - Level III is the highest standard that can be achieved for food safety and food quality systems.

2018 Delecto Canadian Classics

Ganong lauches Delecto Canadian Classics for anytime snacking enjoyment.

2018 Chocolatier Artisan Chocolates

Ganong expands their Premium Gifting Chocolatier Collection. Canadian quality inspired by their Chocolatier Artisan Chocolates and packaged in a luxurious keepsake box.

2020 Ganong Brand Refresh

Ganong’s clean, modern brand vision builds on their promise of “Helping Canadians Celebrate Their Sweetest Moments.”

2021 Ganong Lozenges Limited Edition

Released from the Ganong candy vault for a limited time only. Iconic Double Thick Mints and Wintergreen Lozenges reintroduced in a limited edition keepsake tin.