Pal-o-Mine 100th Anniversary


Pal-o-Mine bars are Celebrating 100 years! What a Sweet Canadian Chocolate Milestone. When looking for ways to celebrate the iconic bar’s 100th anniversary, Ganong was inspired by Arthur’s story – the combination of treasuring friendship and the time spent in our great Atlantic Canadian outdoors; traditions and values we all still hold close a century later.


In the early 1900s, Arthur Ganong, a second-generation candy-maker, always looked forward to fishing trips with friends into the New Brunswick woods.  It was a chance to get outdoors, shoot the breeze and share a sweet snack with a good pal. Arthur wanted a chocolate treat that wouldn’t melt in the pockets of his wool pants, but at that time, chocolates were sold by the piece, or as part of a box. His solution was moulding milk chocolate and nuts together, shaping it into long narrow pieces and wrapping them up to bring on fishing trips. Thus, the world’s first five cent chocolate nut bar was born.


The idea of a two-piece, individually wrapped chocolate bar inspired another sweet innovation at Ganong. In 1920, the Pal-o-Mine bar made its official debut. The Pal-o-Mine bar, invented by candy-maker Ed Bosein, is made from a rich, brown sugar fudge centre, covered with premium dark chocolate and bits of peanuts. Even though Ganong’s first five cent chocolate nut bar stayed on market for a short while, the Pal-o-Mine’s popularity continued to rise. And now, 100 years later, Pal-o-Mine is one of the oldest continuously produced candy bars in North America.


For the past 100 years, Pal-o-Mine has been shared between friends and families across Canada. The great Canadian outdoors and the notion of friendship and connection has always been a part of Ganong’s history, so to celebrate this iconic chocolate bar, we’re running a contest on social media that invites people to share their stories for a chance to win great weekly prizes!


How to Enter:

To enter, follow the Ganong Facebook and Instagram pages and comment on our bi-weekly #SHAREDBETWEENPALS Giveaway Alert posts. Tag a friend(s) and tell us about a favourite outdoor activity you enjoy sharing with pals. Make sure to use hashtag #SharedBetweenPals on our Pal-o-Mine contest posts!



  • 1x Handcrafted Pal-o-Mine canoe, made by Miramichi Canoes
  • 100x Pal-o-Mine frisbee’s
  • 200x Pal-o-Mine chocolate bars for you and a friend


Contest open from August 26th, 2020 until October 28th, 2020.


Official Rules

For full contest rules, please click here